"Where Beauty Lies" Exhibition Officially Opens at The Wing Luke Museum

SEATTLE, WA -- October 11, 2019 -- VEQUE is proud to announce that The Wing Luke Museum’s latest exhibition, “Where Beauty Lies” opens today.  The exhibition examines the complicated history, culture, industry, psychology, and politics of beauty from the Asian Pacific American perspective.  VEQUE participates in this exhibit by showcasing nail care and representing the majority of all professional manicurists in the U.S. with a Vietnamese ancestry.

Since the founding of VEQUE, the line has taken on the role of being the historian for the nail care community and curating colors inspired by people seated at the manicure table and pedicure chair.  Vietnamese Americans are the original industry disruptors and have been for the past 40 years.  Yet, our history and contributions are hardly ever represented.  We are excited to finally begin the conversation at the Wing Luke, in the heart of Seattle’s International District.

“The Vietnamese American storyline mostly begins after the fall of Saigon.  But the Vietnam War is not our only story,” said Audrey Siu, the Founder and CEO of the clean vegan nail care line.  “I am honored for the privilege to begin a new conversation with the greater API community and to represent the Asian American experience on behalf of more than 50% of all professional nail artists in the U.S.”

Join the conversation with local artists and exhibitors at the Wing Luke House Party on Friday, October 18.  House Party tickets can be purchased at www.winghouseparty.com.  Audrey Siu, Founder of VEQUE, is scheduled for the “It Happened Here” series that evening.

General admission museum tickets can be purchased at the door or online at www.wingluke.org

VEQUE is available at select retailers and salons.  Shop the collection at www.veque.com.  Limited colors are available at the Wing Luke Marketplace.

VEQUE (pronounced vey-quay) is Vietnamese v quê for “the journey home.”

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