Nail care is our heritage. VEQUE (vey-quay) is our journey home.

VEQUE is a cultural identity in the making that begins during the era of a French-Indochine Vietnam, reaches its climactic tragedy with the Fall of Saigon, and finds rebirth in the open ocean with Vietnamese refugees who will go on to change the landscape of American nail care.

Seattle-based startup specializing in artisan nail care, VEQUE is founded by a family of nail artists who have been sharing and teaching their craft to newer generations for decades. And through our tribe of professional artists, we are listening and strategizing on how nail care ought to be.

At VEQUE, we are not just serious about nail care, we are the keepers of the artisans’ legacy that came before us. Every facet of the VEQUE brand and product serves as a palette to express this rich heritage. Our color collection and product feature are carefully curated to tell a story of places, cultures, and histories that inspire.


VEQUE is founded on over 100 years of combined industry experience that is paving new roads for innovation in nail care.

The Formula.  Tired of seeing the same toxic culprits in nail care, we set forth on a mission to find cleaner, vegan products to accommodate women and professionals of all lifestyles. Working with the industry’s best formularies, we are setting a new standard in nail care with a longer lasting gel-like formula that’s 9-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and handcrafted in the USA.

An Innovative System.  We’re not interested in reinventing the wheel nor are we creating just to create. Leveraging from the tried and true methods of house painters, our innovative signature base coat is tinted white to create a true canvas for a consistent pop of color. But the white tint also bond layers of nail polish color to the base for longer lasting wear while protecting the enamel from stains and yellowing. To complete the system, our faster drying top coat leaves a shiny finish look and feel to mimic the wear of gels.  Because the faster the dry time, the longer the wear.

Color Philosophy.  Our team of experienced nail artists and stylists have seen it all. We understand that a woman’s choice in nail color is a direct reflection of who she is and not a decision she makes based on skin tone.  Because if she’s classic, edgy, subtle, sassy, or all else in between, she’ll likely choose a color that best fit her own description. And she’s the woman that we create for.