Nail care is our heritage.

We are the keepers of an artisan legacy.

VEQUE (pronounced vey-quay) is a cultural identity in the making
that begins during the era of a French-Indochine Vietnam,
reaches its climactic tragedy with the Fall of Saigon,
and finds rebirth in the open ocean with Vietnamese refugees
who will go on to change the landscape of American nail care.

Photo of Audrey Siu, CEO and Founder of VEQUE

The story of who we are.

The story of who we are and how we came to be began with nail care. Our family of nail artists have been both students and teachers of our craft for generations. Together, we have over 100 years of combined professional expertise.

At your local neighborhood salons, we held your hands through all your moments - big and small. We guided you through choices that defines your personal style. We are your manicurists. And we are dedicated to supporting an evolution of clean vegan wellness for your nails.

VEQUE is a celebration of our life's work and the heritage that came to be. It is our humble privilege to be the keepers of this artisan legacy.