$ 2

Hello.  We hope that you're staying safe and healthy during this time of crisis.  We want you to know that we have pivoted to help the COVID-19 medical supply crisis.

Yes, we make nail polish.  But we make them in small batches, sourced and manufactured entirely in the USA.  Through our small business partnerships, we have redesigned an alternative to face shields using materials available domestically.  

This disposable face shield is made for people at less-risk so that proper medical grade PPE can be reserved for those at high-risk.

We are requesting donations and sponsorships to produce the much needed face shields. For sponsorship above $1000, we offer branding placements and direct shipping to the frontline workers of your choice. US/Canada shipping only.

Thank you for your support.  Let's #flattenthecurve!



*For sponsorship details, please contact us at hello@veque.com.